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What are plumbing tools?


Plumbing tools are used by skilled trades people when working with pipes, tubing and fittings. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs pipe fittings, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as boilers and heaters.


When reffering to plumbing tools, most people tend to think of pipe wrenches, gas torches and pipe benders but the range of tools for plumbing applications are far wider and include drain snakes, water treatment and gully cleaners.


What does plumbing mean?


The word plumbing comes from the Latin 'Plumbum' meaning lead as most of the pipes used for plumbing wear made from lead. More recently, pipes are made from copper, brass or plastic as lead was found to be toxic.


As more and more pipe fittings are made from plastic, the range of plumbing tools to cater for this are growing but this does not mean that copper pipes are no longer used. It is quite common these days to use copper pipes and fittings for the final stage but to use plastic pipe for the longer runs as it gives greater flexibility.

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